Ohio Pedestrian & Bicycle Related Fatal Crashes - Shiny Contest Submission

Ohio Pedestrian & Bicycle Related Fatal Crashes

Authors: Trevin Flickinger

Abstract: This app shows a map of all pedestrian & bicycle related fatal crashes in Ohio since the beginning of 2018. When you click on each marker more information on the crash pops up. There is also another tab with a table of all the data. This table can be exported.

CW: The popups include narratives of each crash. Please keep this in mind when exploring the map.

Full Description: This app was created to better understand the safety of the streets around my area for pedestrians and bicyclists. I'm a big proponent for the Vizion Zero initiative, and one of the ways to ensure safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all is to look at the past in order to create a brighter future.

Original data can be pulled from the Ohio Department of Public Safety crash statistics website. The 'clean_data' script in my code is used to clean the 'CrashStatistics.csv' file.

App inspired by the Superzip example on the Shiny website.

Keywords: leaflet, transit, map, ohio, usa, public data
Shiny app: https://trevin-flick.shinyapps.io/crash-stats/
Repo: GitHub - trevinflick/OhioCrashMap: Shiny App - Map of pedestrian and bicycle related fatal crashes
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


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