Odds Ratio for Ordinal Logistic Regression

Hi all, R Studio beginner here

I am trying to analyse some questionnaire data with Likert Items. I am performing a univariate Ordinal Logistic Regression and need to calculate an odds ratio, and am encountering an issue with the "sex" variable. I've used the following code to make the model, summary, p value calc and finally the OR:

q11<-polr(as.factor(R_Data$Q11 FBO Disagreement) ~ sex, data = R_Data, Hess = T)
coeffs <- coef(summary(q11))
p<-pnorm(abs(coeffs[, "t value"]), lower.tail = FALSE) * 2
cbind(coeffs, "p value" = round(p,3))

However when I do this, for the sex variable (female as the reference intercept) it produces this:


2.5 % 0.942536 0.4849421
97.5 % 0.942536 1.8298932

Why do I have two CI for 2.5% and 97.5% and no OR?

Apologies if I'm misunderstanding anything

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