Odd Mac behavior in Console window

I like to place my Console window in the lower left quadrant. This is on a Mac, if that matters, and the odd behavior is trying to double-click to select a word on the bottom-most line. Most of the time, it doesn't work at all. When it does work, the text is highlighted in blue, whereas if I double-click on the second-to-bottom line it always works and the highlight is orange.

Is it somehow just me?

By 'the bottom-most line', do you mean the set of code that's currently been typed into the console, or do you mean the last actual line in the console history (ie, code that's already been submitted and run in the R console)?

If you are talking about the currently typed code in the console, I think I'm seeing the same behavior as you -- double-clicking a word seems to only occasionally highlight it, while triple-clicking does always highlight the whole line. Does that match your experience?

Let me know if this is the behavior you're referring to, and we can try to further investigate!

Yes, the line being typed. It's super-annoying when I scroll back through history (up arrow) and select a line to copy or modify.

Actually, it appears that "last line" can be multiple physical lines and have this problem. Basically, everything that would execute when you hit Enter. (Again, this most often matters with copy/paste and reall of history.)

Got it! I can reproduce this; I'll file an issue on our internal tracker (which we hope to make public in the near-ish future) and we'll see if we can figure out what's going on.