ODBC Driver is not working

Dear Sir:

I am professional R Programmer. I work with MS SQL Server & Rstudio.
With earlier version of Rstudio, the ODBC Driver worked well, but with
the new version the ODBC is not working. the code to connect I use is
the following code.

con <- dbConnect(odbc(),
                 Driver = "SQL Server",
                 Server = "",
                 Database = "RDB",
                 UID = '',
                 PWD = '')

I am stuck. Could you kindly help me.
Best Regards

Here's the documentation on using the odbc r-package to connect to a database


Currently there isn't much information to go on. What errors does R or the log provide you? (and when you share those, do be careful to again remove all personally identifying and security details, like IPs passwords etc)

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