ODBC does not show tables when I connect in R Studio

I have the similar problem making ODBC connection within R-Studio

Con <- dbConnect(odbc::odbc(), "******", uid = "****", PWD = "*****")

The code work perfect on the old computer (Windows 10, R-Studio version 4.1.3) but on the new machine with Windows 11 and R-Studio version 4.2.2 it don't show any tables in the connected database.

Tried to add encoding parameter. No result.

All odbc settings are the same. I found out only one difference.
The new R-Studio has the following

> str(l10n_info())
List of 5
 $ MBCS           : logi TRUE
 $ UTF-8          : logi TRUE
 $ Latin-1        : logi FALSE
 $ codepage       : int 65001
 $ system.codepage: int 65001

but the old shows the following

> str(l10n_info())
List of 5
 $ MBCS           : logi FALSE
 $ UTF-8          : logi FALSE
 $ Latin-1        : logi TRUE
 $ codepage       : int 1252
 $ system.codepage: int 1252

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