object of type 'closure' is not subsettable, coding from a book

Hey everyone, I am trying to create a data frame (Mantle) by attaching vectors Age, HR, AB, and the y component of the list hr_rates using the data.frame function but I keep getting an error when I run the last line of code

hr_rates <- function(age, hr, ab){
rates <- round(100 * hr/ ab, 1)
list(x = age, y = rates)
source("scripts/hr_rates.R" )
HR <- c(13,23,21,27,37,52,34,42,31,40,54)
AB<- c(341,549,461,543,517,533,474,519,541,527,514)
Age <- 19:29
hr_rates(Age, HR, AB )
Mantle <- (data.frame(Age, HR, AB, Rates = hr_rates$y))

Error in hr_rates$y : object of type 'closure' is not subsettable
I'm going off of the code in a book and I can't figure out how to get rid of this error, any help would be greatly appreciated

In the code you are showing, hr_rates() is a function that returns a list, not a list itself. Maybe this is what you are trying to do

rates <- hr_rates(Age, HR, AB )

Mantle <- (data.frame(Age, HR, AB, Rates = rates$y))

As @andresrcs notes you can’t subset a function. A “closure” is a just a function all by itself, without its arguments. When in doubt, just


without the () and you’ll see in the output that it describes what the function does.

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