Object not found - ew

Hi All,

I am very new in R programming. I have one very basic question.
I have loaded one csv file to learn R. file name is "deck.csv".
Question is whenever I type , i.e deck[1,1] to display result. I am always getting error that "objects not found".
Please advise that how can I rectify this error ?

Thank you.
Piyush Hirpara

Please show the code you use to read in the csv file. To post code with good formatting, first type a line with three back ticks, ```, then enter the code on separate lines, then end the section with another line containing only three back ticks.

I will just comment to say that just because your csv was called deck.csv doesnt tell us what object name it would have when you use some function to read it in to R. Only your code could show that. hence the reasonableness of FJCCs request.

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