OAuth2 Authentication - Azure B2C


I am looking to setup OAuth2 authentication in RStudio Connect to authente against Azure B2C using OpenID. I have configured the rstudio-connect.gcfg file with the authentication settings mentioned in the documentation as follows.

Provider = "oauth2"

ClientId =
ClientSecret =
OpenIdConnectIssuer = https://xxxx.b2clogin.com/xxxx.onmicrosoft.com/b2c_1_si
RequireUsernameClaim = true

When trying to authenticate, it doesn't look like it even tries to redirect to the B2C login page, and just displays a login error message.

Please can you advise how to configure the rstudio connect config file and app registration in Azure b2c to get the authentication to work correctly.


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Last time I looked into Azure B2C for OIDC we came to the conclusion that MS had implemented a variant of OIDC, requiring the usage of the MSAL library. Some references:

This non-standard behavior is not implemented in our tools. Can you ask at Microsoft if they meanwhile also offer standard OIDC?

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Hi, thanks for your response.

That would make sense if I was getting an error after login, however, RStudio Connect doesn't even make an attempt to redirect me to the B2C login page. Is there something in the application that specifically prevents the use of B2C?


Can you create a HAR file from when you try to login? In case you don't want to upload that file here, you can also open a support ticket. Please include a diagnostics report in that case as well.