Oauth package for python

Hi everybody,

Currently, for our shiny R apps, we use the Oauth protocol to authorize the published shiny app to retrieve data form the data owner. That that scenario, Shiny is a third party app. To make that happen we use a package called auth0 as shown in this example:


I would like to do the same for a streamlit app: use the Oauth protocol to authorize the streamlit app to retrieve data from data ownder server. Any thoughts for a package like auth0 for python we can use?

We will eventually host our Streamlit app on Posit Connect.

Hi @georgefzaki, I'm the product manager for Posit Connect. This is something we're currently investing in. Would you like to have a chat with me and the team? What's the best way to connect with you?

Kelly O'Briant

Thanks Kelly. I shared my email on linkedin.

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