Numbers are scattered around in plot_likert() from sjPlot package

Always values (percents or counts ) are scattered around inside or outside bars. Is there a way to align it "properly" and evenly eg. for publication submit ? Can you advice how to do it using that package, please ?
Sometimes numbers are connected with bars by vertical lines, but it looks chaotic and difficult to see where does it belong to ?


How to properly position numbers on bars, establish font size , etc ?

When I use: reverse.scale = TRUE, the cat neutral goes to right hand side. Is it possible to keep it left when reverse.scale = TRUE is used ?

I think we need a see your code and some sample data.

Simplest examples:



mydf <- find_var(efc, pattern = "cop", out = "df")


numbers on bars are randomly scattered everywhere, up, down left, right, without any order.
The more data the plot gest more cluttered:

I do not know if any options allowing for that adjustments or alignment exist ?

When I run your code and then zoom the plot it looks fine. I am assuming that you are saving the plot using the "export" button. If so the default values are the problem. I played around with these values ' outputting using png() see code below. A width = 750 and height = 600 seems to give a satisfactory output and you can set them in the export window.

The alternating hi-lo numbers appear to be deliberate to prevent the numbers overlaying each other if two adjacent categories are both small.



mydf <- find_var(efc, pattern = "cop", out = "df")

png("likert.png", width = 750, height = 600)


pp <- plot_likert(mydf)
pp1 <- plot_likert(mydf, reverse.scale = TRUE)

pp + pp1

I do not know and the efc data is only a 4-point scale. Could you mock up a bit of data for a 5 or 7-point scale as you are using it? I am not sure of how you are scoring.

I think you are stuck with the numbers as I said earlier.

For other things try

? plot_likert

and read all the bumf there.

I have done it.

No, I did not save the plot at all it looks crowded on the screen.

Some disscussion here but I do not know, still at present problem persists:


It is getting squashed because of the size of the plot window. Above the plot window there is a button Zoom. It will expand the plot to its "proper" size.

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