Numbered paragraphs related to heading level 1

I'm trying to style a doc written in rmarkdown but don't seem to be able to find much guidance. I require numbered paragraphs that follow numbered heading level 1. But I also need heading levels 2 through 5 to attract no numbers. For example:
1 Heading 1
1.1 blah blah
1.2 blah blah
Heading 2
1.3 blah blah
2 Heading 1
2.1 blah blah


I'm not quite sure what you mean by "attract no numbers."

The Block-level elements section of @yihui's bookdown guide might be of help.

If you do not want a certain heading to be numbered, you can add {-} after the heading, e.g.,

# Preface {-}

I don't think you're writing a book, per se, but many of the same ideas apply. See also the Section numbering portion of the R Markdown HTML Documents guide:

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