Novice, desires to fix install with ENTIRE OpenR repository

Installed on windows10 with OpenR (microsoft). I downloaded entire OpenR repository, 1300+ packages, most of which I will never use. Now Rstudio really slow.
How to fix this issue? I thought of creating script that loads only a subset of libraries. Not sure how to do that or what to include in this set.
What is the minimum set of libraries to load that will be sufficient for basic predictive analytics, clustering and plotting?
How to create repositories that are useful for well defined tasks, for example: bayesian analysis versus web scrapping ?
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I found one way to resolve my problem. It is illustrated in tinyProject. I created a new project, selected to load in it tinyProject with packrat and voila! It has everything in it that I wanted: an example of how to load wanted packages. Ready to explore :wink:

Thank you.

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Very nice! You could also try renv, which is a newer approach to library management like packrat, but learning from some of the patterns that packrat could have improved on!

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