Nothing happens when I try to download RStudio

I have been trying to install R Studio but without succeful. I have already download Ri 386 3.6.1 and Rx 64 3.6.1, but when I try to download the free version, nothing happens. What could be my "mistake"?


Did you try to download from here ?

Thak you, Christophe,yes I did.

Executed Steps:

(1) First of all, I downloaded: Ri 386 3.6.1 and Rx64 3.6.1
(2) After this: RStudio: Inside this link there are 4 options.
(3) So I chose the below one:

-> Open Source License - Free RStudio Desktop

From this moment on, no installation, no error neither warning.

And step 4: download one of the installer. ??

Which one did you download to try installing on your computer ?


Sorry for the delay in answering. I let you I already managed to install. Thank you very much! Jorge.

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