not working RStudio not working

HEllo, i am a student and i am having trouble with importing or accessing any data on my Rstudio even after deleting and redownloading again and again. it keeps giving me this error message "Try removing 'C:\Users\ak8770a\AppData\Local\R\win-library\4.2/0"

i have gone to this app data and everything but cannot find R or win-library but i see appdata and local. I am frustrated and i have been trying since last night. i have an assignment deadline to catch

Note: i am a total amateur so please explain to me like i am 5. thanks in advance

There is a file named OOLOCK in the 4.2 directory. You need to navigate to that directory and delete it. This sort of problem usually means that there was a glitch in the installation procedure. Once you have deleted the file, try again to install the package you want.

IF you get the same error, and it is possible, we will need more information about your computer set-up.

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