Not able to run application in RStudio due to 'arrow' package

I'm having trouble running my application in RStudio but it runs fine in Local testing run with steps below.

  1. Arrow package is installed (tried with both cran and non-cran methods)
  2. Run application
  3. Then, get this response in console:
In order to read this file, you will need to reinstall arrow with additional features enabled.
Set one of these environment variables before installing:

 * Sys.setenv(LIBARROW_MINIMAL = "false") (for all optional features, including 'zstd')
 * Sys.setenv(ARROW_WITH_ZSTD = "ON") (for just 'zstd')
  1. Tried both options as described and verified the configs
  2. Reinstalled
  3. Run app and get the same response in console.

I'm working on Mac (M1) RStudio (BigSur+)
Is there something else to consider trying?