Not able to render the rmd file.

Hi, I am not able to render my markdown file in RStudio. Kindly, see what mistake I am making.

To offer help we will need to know more details on the content of the document you are trying to render and where the error is coming from. Try running each code chunk manually (the small green :arrow_forward: button).

Once you identify the exact error, try to create a reproducible example. This will help others to offer help.

Hi, thanks for quick response! The codes are running separately without causing any trouble. The problem occurs only when I press the Knit button.

Try creating a new rmarkdown file and see if that renders then we will know if it is the code in the document or something else.

Also try clearing your environment before rendering your rmarkdown. Objects in your global environment are not available when you knit

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Ok, I will try that.

It's showing this...

The error is caused by the View() function. Rmarkdown does not know how to display using View, hence the error. You could try dplyr::glimpse(penguins) or knitr::kable(penguins) to display a summary of the table or the entire table.


It worked, thank you so much @mrjoh3 , I really appreciate it!

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