Not able to execute RScript

I am new to R and want some help to execute .R script.
I have saved a test.R script in Documents folder on my windows machine.
Need some help for step by step execution of the script using Rterm.

Below is the error that I get when I try to execute the script. I have already set the directory in Rterm.

Rscript test.R
Error: unexpected symbol in "Rscript test.R"

This is usually caused by code with punctuation errors, such as failing to close a “quotation mark. Can’t say where, of course without seeing the code.

Thanks. Below is the code

> myString <- "Hello"
> print(myString)

Can you tell us exactly how you tried to execute the script?

This is in RTerm

[1] "C:/Users/admin/Documents"
Rscript test.R
Error: unexpected symbol in "Rscript test.R"

This command is meant to be run from a system terminal, not an R console.

I think you are trying to use an R console (what you get by running Rterm) as if it was a system terminal and that is not possible. If you want to execute an .R file from an R console use the source() function.

How do I run it from system terminal. Do I have to run it on command prompt, if yes how ?

Also I did use the source function but that is also giving an error.

Error in source("test.R") : test.R:1:1: unexpected '>'
1: >

You can use the terminal pane next to the console pane.

You have command prompts in your code i. e. ">", those are a console artifact, you shouldn't include them in your code. It should look like this:

myString <- "Hello"

can you please provide more details,line-editing%20and%20shell%20history.

This is what I see when I open RStudio. Am I missing anything ?

That is not RStudio, that is the R GUI and you are typing commands in an R console so you can't use Rscript there.

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