Not able to create/write anything when shiny application is deployed to RSConnect

Hi all,

I have a shiny application where at one point there I need to create a copy of excel file uploaded and I am using below code for this. This is working fine when I launch the application locally? But the same application on Rsconnect does not create a copy of the file? Why is it so? Should I change anything at the backend of the server?

file.copy(file_to_upload$datapath, file.path(folder, "Filename"), overwrite = TRUE)

Hi @vinayprakash808

It sounds to me like there may be an issue with your /tmp directory on the Connect server? I'm pretty sure that the Shiny upload widget writes the file temporarily to /tmp, which can sometimes be a problem in server environments.

There can also be issues with headers / file size / intermediate proxies / etc.

It may be best to open up a support thread at and pass along a link to this thread, along with any server logs, so we can try to evaluate what is going on here! :smile:

I found this article, but it doesn't seem like it will have super helpful information for the issues you are having

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