Not a question. Just feeling thankful


I just wanted to express my gratitude towards this online community.

It will be a month in 2 days since I found this forum and it has brought a lot to me. It is very fun to try to help others, I am learning from the great answers being posted, and today, I needed help for the first time and I got helped within minutes.

The friendly atmosphere is refreshing, compared to other phenomenal resources out there (e.g. StackOverflow).

So anyway, sorry for hijacking a thread just for this little emotional outburst :blush:. But I wanted to sincerely thank everyone involved: the persons who started this forum, the admins, all the participants, and anybody else involved and whom I may not think about.



I totally feel the same way! I am grateful for finding such beautiful community who are just genuine and love helping others.

Thank you to everyone who helped put this community together and for the regular people who are just too kind to help others with their questions and concerns.