Nonparametric test for repeated measures

Dear R community,

I am coming to you because I am faced with a statistical problem that I need to answer quickly (I am in the process of reviewing).

Do you know of a non-parametric equivalent to Anova with repeated measurements?

I have two groups and four times (t1, t2, t3, t4). I would like to see the impact of time on my variables according to my two groups (I had calculated the deltas but this does not suit the reviewers). Most of my variables are non-parametric.

One of the reviewers suggested the use of a Friedman which would be an equivalent of the Anova one-way repeated measures but the implementation does not allow my group factor to be taken into account.

I tried to use the nparLD library but I don't know how to report and understand the results.

Thanking you very much for your help, I don't know where to turn for an answer.


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