Non-root install of RStudio server?

Is there any plans for this. More and more tools are going this route not running as root. Particular kubernetes as this one of the main best practices not to allow pods run as root.

It starting to look like we can not offer our 1000 plus users rstudio as we mirgrate all our infrastructure into kubernetes.

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Thanks for bringing this up! Just to be clear, RStudio Server can run as root inside the container, but run as an "un-privileged container," so that the pod itself does not run as root.

Could you offer a bit more clarification about whether this is permissible in your infrastructure? Is your requirement that the pod itself cannot run as root, or that the process inside the container cannot run as root?

If you are looking to integrate RStudio Server with Kubernetes, you might be interested in exploring the Job Launcher, which is designed for integration into orchestration tools like Kubernetes and has shipped Kubernetes as its first "plugin."

Note that this supports batch tasks through the "Launcher Jobs" feature, as well.

If you would be interested in a demo, feel free to reach out to our customer success team at .

The requirement is that the pod can not run as root. Need to set the security context and use runAs and groupFS as it runs as a user.

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