Node Attributes not Matching in GraphML file


I am trying to write network data to GraphML, using igraphs's write_graph() function. However, after successfully creating the graph object, setting the vertex attributes, and then writing the graph as GraphML, when I open the graph file in Gephi, I discover that the node attributes do not match the right nodes. Below is my R script of a reprex:

# nodes data frame
ndf <- data. Frame(
  id = 1:5,
  names = c("Mandy","Hogan","Chioma","Tayo","Ali"),
  age = c(21,25,20,26,30),
  color = c("blue","green","red","orange","purple")

# edges data frame
edf <- data. Frame(
  Vertex1 = c("Hogan","Hogan","Tayo","Ali","Chioma","Mandy","Chioma","Mandy"),
  Vertex2 = c("Mandy","Chioma","Mandy","Hogan","Tayo","Ali","Tayo","Ali")

# for loop to combine the edges into one vector
edf_df <- c()
for(i in 1:nrow(edf)){
  result <- c(edf[i,]$Vertex1,edf[i,]$Vertex2)
  edf_df <- append(edf_df,result)

# creating a new data frame of the combined edges
edf_cmb <- data.frame(
  edges = edf_df

# extracting the attributes for each node from the nodes data frame
age <- c()
for(i in 1:nrow(edf_cmb)){
  age <- append(age,filter(ndf,ndf$names == edf_cmb$edges[[i]][1])[[3]][1])

color <- c()
for(i in 1:nrow(edf_cmb)){
  color <- append(color,filter(ndf,ndf$names == edf_cmb$edges[[i]][1])[[4]][1])

# adding the attributes to the data frame of combined edges
edf_cmb$age <- age
edf_cmb$color <- color


       edges age  color
1   Hogan  25  green
2   Mandy  21   blue
3   Hogan  25  green
4  Chioma 20    red
5   Tayo      26 orange
6   Mandy  21   blue
7   Ali          30 purple
8   Hogan  25  green
9   Chioma 20    red
10 Tayo      26 orange
11  Mandy  21   blue
12  Ali          30 purple
13 Chioma 20    red
14 Tayo      26 orange
15 Mandy  21   blue
16 Ali           30 purple

# creating the graph object
edf_gph <- make_graph(edf_df,directed = T)

# adding the vertex attributes to the graph object
  edf_gph <- set_vertex_attr(edf_gph,"age",value = edf_cmb$age)
  edf_gph <- set_vertex_attr(edf_gph,"color",value = edf_cmb$color)

# writing the graph file as a GraphML
write_graph(edf_gph,file = "edf.graphml",format = "graphml")

However, when I import the GraphML file into a program like Gephi or NodeXL, the node attributes do not match the right node anymore like is displayed in the above table (I apologise that the table looks awful), and I do not know why this is the case.

Please, I would greatly appreciate any helpful suggestions in this regard. Thanks!

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