No way of installing packages work on RStudio

Every package I try to install gives me the following error

I have the Use Secure download method disabled, but still nothing.

Any thoughts anyone?


Does R have access to the Internet? What happens if you run:

              destfile = tempfile())

Hi Alexis,

I am connected to internet and here's the output from your snippet

The issue seems to be with CRAN or other servers getting the packages


I don't have the answer, but some ideas to narrow down the problem:

0/ I'm 99.9% sure this will fail, but just in case try:


1/ You haven't used renv, packrat or similar? If in doubt, try installing from a new RStudio project. Also try installing in R (not RStudio); on Windows you can use RGui.

2/ Change the repo url to cran.rproject


(note I'm not using the geojson example as the github repo looks orphaned, though it still seems available on CRAN)

3/ download the binary first, then do a local install. Under the scenes, install.packages() does this two steps, you can separate them:

dir_to_save <- tempdir()
path_to_save <- file.path(dir_to_save, "")
              destfile = path_to_save)

                 contriburl = NULL)


note the library() call should fail in any case because of missing dependencies. You can clean up afterwards with:


4/ very unlikely, but in case the function is overwritten somehow you can try calling it explicitely:


You can also try starting R (not RStudio) from the command line with option --vanilla to ignore any local configuration which could interfere with normal function.

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