No terminal on Rstudio IDE


I have installed Rstudio Server on centos 7 and an other on ubuntu.
On Ubuntu, I can use terminal option but on centos, no terminal option on Rstudio.

After long research, I would like to know if it has happened to someone and how to connect a terminal with Rstudio. The shell service works but no terminal service..


I have 2 different RStudio Server's running on 2 different CentOS systems (both are 7+) and both of them have Terminal in them. I know, it's not very helpful to say it, but it's most likely something to do with your set up. Did you try to reinstall it from scratch to see if it fixes the problem?

No. I don't try because many shiny projects are deployed on it. I think there is something to be done about conf. I think I am alone :slight_smile: A black cat

Proxy can block anything ? I don't know where to look..

Yeah, unfortunately I'm not much of a help in this case since I have no idea where to look in this case. Hopefully, someone more knowledgeable can shed some light on that.

You should be able to open a new terminal from the main menu, with:

Tools -> Terminal -> New Terminal

Does that work? If not, what do you see?

You could also check whether anything useful is shown in:

Tools -> Terminal -> Terminal Diagnostics...

No terminal from the main menu... Everybody could do that but i can't

What version of RStudio are you using on CentOS? The Terminal is only available in newer versions of RStudio.

I am checking that as soon as possible but i think it is a recent version of Rstudio..(install 3 months ago)

Version 1.0.136 for Rstudio. I am just reading it's for version 1.1 or higher. So I must upgrade R and Rstudio.
I have to look if the upgrade will make me problems. If you have document on this subject, I take.


That's right, you need 1.1 or higher. Upgrading RStudio Server is easy! We have a guide here.

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