no source line but presing F2 (go to function definition) is opening external file

Using Rstudio server 1.1.456

I have R script (scritp1) with all my data load and manipulation. I have some functions for repetitive tasks too. Nothing very complex, but when I select any function call and press F2 (go to function definition) another script (script 2) is opened in Rstudio containing all my functions!!!

There is no "source" call including any other external file anywhere in script1 and all my functions are defined in script1 too.

I don't know if long time ago someone sourced script2 and now is stucked there but I-m getting very anxious because I can't find a way to force script1 to use functions from script1 and not script2

I've renamed script2 to "something-else" and I'm shocked.....F2 opened "something-else"!!!!
Deleting the file script2 and pressing F2 raised an error

How is posible to source a file without any source call????


I answer myself.
From official documentation:

The Go to File/Function feature works off a constantly updated index of your source code. The specific source files to index are determined as follows:

  1. If an RStudio project. is active then all R source files within the project directory are indexed.
  2. If a Project is not active then all currently open R source files are indexed.

So the issue now is to check if “not sourcing” a file breaks execution when not in RStudio