No scroll bar in long scripts

Hi there,

for long source code, I cannot see any vertical scroll bar in the source pane. The same goes for the console when it has "too much" output. It is normal that scroll bars get smaller as the scrollable content gets longer, but in this case it seems they just get infinitely small and virtually disappear.

Using a light theme (any theme with a white background) this is no issue - the scroll bars get smaller, but there is a minimal size they don't go under. As soon as I switch to a dark theme, the scroll bar disappears and I can hardly navigate in the script.

I attach two pictures, one with a semi-long script (770 lines) where the scroll bar is still visible in dark mode, and one with a long script (3548 lines) where it is not visible anymore. The orange arrow shows where the scroll bar is/should be. This example is rendered in the Idle Fingers modern theme, but any dark theme shows the same.

This may be a similar issue as post 119994, which was closed without any replies. I'd be really thankful if this got the attention of the devs.

Auxiliary info:
OS: Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon
Display resolution: 3840x2160
RStudio Desktop 2022.02.2+485
Let me know if any other information is needed.

That being the case Id advise you to raise an issue on the github page for RStudio IDE

Thanks for making me aware - found a similar issue raised there and they are working on it. Cheers!

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