No 'RDCOMCLIENT' package

Hello. I am using: RStudio Workbench 2022.07.2+576.pro12, “Spotted Wakerobin” (2a128b18)
R 4.1.2

I am trying to run some legacy code, which worked on R studio 3.6.1. However, when I run it on the above version, I get the following error:

Error in library(RDCOMClient) : there is no package called ‘RDCOMClient’

The code sends out an automated email to relevant departments and teams.

I have tried the following:

install.packages("RDCOMClient", repos = "")
url <- ""
install.packages(url, repos=NULL, type="binary")

To no avail.

Are there any packages which would work on the newer R workbench/Posit? What the code is doing is that it's reading data from a csv file, then sending out emails via outlook.

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