No puedo instalar el paquete de chron en centos 7

Tengo una aplicación funcionando en Windows con el paquete (chron), luego procedo a pasarla al servidor de Centos 7 y me dice que el paquete no puede funcionar sobre la versión 3.6.0, la cual es la que tengo en la actualidad en el Centos 7, quisiera saber si alguien me puede decir que es lo que sucede gracias.

Hi Camila, welcome!

Could you post the actual error message you are getting? or ideally, could you post a propper REPRoducible EXample (reprex) illustrating your issue?
So far you are not giving us enough information to help you.

Also, please try to make your questions in English, since its the preferred language here, by using Spanish you are excluding most people from the conversation and lowering your chances of getting help.


I have an aplication in ShinyDashboard, when I run this application in Windows, it´s run perfect. In Windows, I have Rstudio 3.6.1 version. and i have installed the library "chron"

I want to have this application in a server with Centos 7, with Rstudio 3.6.0 version , in this server I can´t install the library "chron" I have this erorr. (package 'chron' is not available (for version 3.6.0))

someone could help me please, thanks

Please do not use screenshots here, they are not very useful, paste the actual text output instead.
From what I can manage to see (the image is not very clear) you are being asked to choose a CRAN mirror, try using RStudio's CRAN repository

install.packages('chron', repos='')

If you still keep getting the "Unable to access index for repository" error message, is possible that you are facing some kind of traffic blocking so check if your internet connection is behind a firewall or proxy server, and if it does, then ask your IT department for the proper credentials.

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