No prompt for packages to install post-R-422 upgrade

Hi there, today, upgraded to R 4.2.2 from 4.0.5.
When type, install.packages, there are no prompts and even after typed manually install.packages('dplyr') --contr + enter ---did not do anything.
Error message is hppts://
I have contacted my IT to permit that website and he came back that no such website in this server.

Then I went back to R 4.0.5 = All fine

Also upgrade to RTools 42 today.


Please advise what could wrong and how to solve.

I use RStudio Dailies

I am working in big org, so using zip file.


This suggest RStudio is not able to connect to the selected package repository, neither to get the available packages nor too download any of them.

You need to ask your IT department to white list the package repository domain not a specific address.
Run this code to get the specific package repository you are using getOption("repos")

If you are working in a production environment you shouldn't be using a development version of the IDE because they tend to be unestable and error prone.

Thank you very much @andresrcs
I will ask my IT to whitelist tomorrow morning.
Hopefully it works.

Have in mind that your computer's own antivirus and/or firewall might be blocking the new R version since on Windows each R version gets installed independently.

Today, still fixing issues.
Install RStudio stable version 2022-12-0-353 and run R4.2.2 but to no avail. Failed.
IT says that is already whitelisted.
The domain was found by running your code getOption('repos'). Thanks.
Quite strangely, my .R file with a thousand of lines of codes were found empty with 0 KB in the windows explorer. Was it deleted by anti-virus?
That file is important for my data submission to the department of health. Very sad.
I am awaiting IT's reply for investigating antivirus issues.
Thank you very much for your attention to me.

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