No option to add or remove Themes

Hi all,
I wanted to customize my RStudio theme and found a few cool themes online to add. However, I noticed that my Appearance tab doesn't have the option to add or remove themes. Any ideas?

Are you using the preview version of RStudio? Theme customization is new to RStudio 1.2, which hasn't officially been released quite yet. You can download the preview below


I have RStudio 1.1.456
Thanks for the info mara. Any other way I could potentially change/customize the theme? I'm surprised that theme customization is/was not part of RStudio.

That's why it's been added for 1.2!

The article below is from before 1.2 (or at least before the theme feature was added), if you would rather hack the theme than move to preview — 1.2 should be coming out soon, so you don't have too long to wait.

@mara. Thanks a lot for the info/help.

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