No free stockage avaible

I use R studio for the first time but the application say I have no space on my PC. When I check on my PC, I see a lot of free space.
Someone know what's the problem ?
Sorry for my little english, I'm a french student aha

Hello @alineiguess, welcome to the RStudio Community.

It would help us, when you tell your problem in more detail in an answer to this reply.

What is the exact message that you get? Tell us.
You can also search for that message on the internet (it is rare to be the first one with a problem).

With what Operating System are you working? Which program or utility tells you that there is a lot of free space?

At what stage do you have the problem? When installing R, when installing RStudio, or when you try to do something in RStudio? Could you do anything at all before you got the error message?

Please let us know and we will try to help.

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