No compiled updates for recent gsl, nloptr, PKI for Windows 10 64-bit

Source updates for gsl, nloptr, and PKI were posted almost two weeks ago now, but no compiled versions are yet available on CRAN. Each of these is a wrapper for a gnu api. In the past, compiled versions incorporating the api dlls have been prepared within a week. When I try to update using the Tools/Check for package updates menu item, I am still told that these package updates need to be compiled, but the compilations all fail because of absence of the relevant api files.

Am I just being impatient? Will compiled versions of these updates eventually appear? Or has there been a decision that we should be loading the gnu packages ourselves? If the latter, is there a URL with a straight-forward set of instructions for loading gnu packages into Windows?

Larry Hunsicker

Problem solved when the Windows compiled versions all appeared this AM. Thanks to the compilers.
Larry Hunsicker

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