newcomer please help me (reading in data)

Hi, im new here, and unfamiliar with where to post. I am inexperienced Rstudio user. I am struggling with a lot of the language. For an assignment i have to use a package and or dataset to to create a summary, a histogram or bar char associated with a variable, and a plot that presents a relationship between two variables. I uploaded a csv file, and im trying to create a dateset from it ?



International_Migration_Database <- International_Migration_Database(country = "all",
indicator = c("number of students" = "value",),
start = 2000, end = 2020, extra = TRUE)

none of this is loading, so i dont know what do ?

What happens when you do


Are you getting any error messages or output in the Console? If so can you post them here?

For general reference have a look at

Hi jrkridea

So when i run read.csv('International_Migration_Database.csv') i get the following error message.

Error in file(file, "rt") : cannot open the connection
In addition: Warning message:
In file(file, "rt") :
cannot open file 'International_Migration_Database.csv': No such file or directory

However, i did import the file.

No such file or directory is R's way of telling you it can't find the file you are looking for. Have you tried using an absolute path to the file?

df <- read.csv('C:/Users/Path/To/File/Interanational_Migration_Database.csv')

I don't understand this. As @ dvetsch75 states, " No such file or directory is R's way of telling you it can't find the file you are looking for" .

I cannot see how you could import the file.

I was never able to resolve the above issue, thanks for your help

Hi again,

A huge struggle i have is interpreting data from CSV files, it seems like many of the CSV files im using are not formatted in the correct way. One particular CSV file was downloaded from an indicator called International Student Mobility from the OECD. I noticed i can install the OECD package and use the library function to generate data from OECD in my script. Now i want to isolate this data to the international student mobility indicator, however i cant seem to find the series code i need to run to do so? Any tips on how i can find this? I was advised to look out of like an I icon, but i cant seem to locate it here, and im imaging this code should look like random letters of 3/4 split by a full stop across a sequence?

Can you maybe post a reprex of what you are trying to do? Without either a sample of your data or some code to work with, it is hard to tell what you are trying to do/what may be going wrong.

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