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New York Times Bestsellers

Authors: Lee Olney

Abstract: Table showing 21 titles with 80 or more total weeks on The New York Times’ fiction bestseller list between 1931 and 2020, arranged in descending order of total weeks appeared. Data from Post45 Data, credits to Sara Stoudt (#TidyTuesday week 19).

Full Description: Using #TidyTuesday week 19 data, I tried out a quick table to summarise the rankings and timeline of selected NYT bestsellers using gt_plt_bar_pct() and gt_plt_sparkline() from {gtExtras} package. I also used gtExtras::gt_theme_nytimes() in this table because I thought was fitting to the topic.

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Table: NYTimes best sellers
Code: NYTimes best sellers
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Other packages: tidyverse, gt, gtExtras

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