New version R is not running in Rstudio

I installed R version 4 and then R studio started giving error.

I am getting connection refused error. I tried everything but not able to resolve.
when I run from terminal I got the following error
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'notifyRCrashed' of undefined"

I am stuck here, Please help

Try reseting Rstudio's state

I already tried this one. But when I installed the rstudio it automatically installs R3.4

That is not the case, RStudio doesn't install any version of R, is up to you to install the version you prefer.

I have installed R4.0 and then when I install rstudi on my R version is getting remove and new r-base is getting installed.

Hey, It worked.

First it did purge r and rstudio.
and then
I compiled the R version 4 and then installed it.
I then install rstudio, and it worked.

Thanks you all in helping me.

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