New user- troubleloading my 3d data for analysis

I am working with 3D data, I have 33 3D landmarks for four different species.
I need to do a trajectory analysis in geomorph, but first I have to
perform a GPA but I am having trouble loading my data.....
when I try to do the gpa I get an error message saying "Error in gpagen(x) : Coordinates must be a 3D array"
when I try to arrange the date into a 3D array using the "arrayspecs" function I get an error message saying "Error in arrayspecs(x, 33, 3, byland = TRUE) : unused argument (byland = TRUE)"
I am sure that it is a silly mistake in the way I am loading the data into R, but as I am new I do not seem to find the error. I've tried loading the data as .csv and as .txt but I keep getting error messages
Would anyone be so kind of helping me? tank you!

Hi @mcmarchesi! Welcome!

I'm afraid you'll need to supply some more info in order for helpers to be able to understand your problem. Most error messages are difficult to understand on their own without seeing all of the code that they depend on (not just the one line that threw the error). It's almost impossible to sort out data import problems without seeing both the code that imports the data and some sample data that causes the same errors when imported.

Can you try making a self-contained reproducible example that demonstrates your problem? This should be complete, runnable code with all the necessary library() calls and some sample data that causes the same errors (this can be a subset of your full data set, for instance). For more specific info on how to do that, see the link! :grin: You might also want to take a look at this: FAQ: Tips for writing R-related questions