New to tidyquant and having errors

This is my first day using tidyquant and I am trying to just pull some historical data of a few random stocks and am hitting this error. Somewhat new to R, but have no idea how the entire block is an used argument. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

GetMySymbols <- function(x) {GetMySymbols(x,
                                          src = "yahoo",
                                          from = "2015-06-30",
                                          to = "2020-12-31",
                                          auto.assign = FALSE)}
tickers <- c("AAPL", "FB", "GOOGL", "TSLA", "HOLX")
prices_adj <- map(tickers, GetMySymbols) 
Error in GetMySymbols(x, src = "yahoo", from = "2015-06-30", to = "2020-12-31",  : 
  unused arguments (src = "yahoo", from = "2015-06-30", to = "2020-12-31", auto.assign = FALSE)

tidyquant has no function called GetMySymbols() maybe you are confusing it with quantmod::getSymbols().

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