New to shiny- need help autoplotting stocks

Hi I'm new to coding and shiny, for a class assignment I'm trying to make an app that allows users to input the abbreviation of a stock and then autoplot its closing price for the day. Any suggestions on how to do this?


Welcome to the RStudio community!

You will need to provide us with at least a starting example of what you like to do, and keep in mind that per our policy questions regarding assignments will not be answered directly, but pointers will be given and help when you get stuck. To read more about the policy:

And how to build a reprex. Shiny debugging and reprex guide

Good luck!

Also: What did you do so far?
It's always a good starting point to make it running as "normal" R - code before you translate it into a shiny app.

  • First you need a list of "allowed" codes,
  • then you need to grab the data (from the internet?)
  • maybe clean-up the data (extract the last day)
  • plot the data (acutally, the "closing price for the day" is just a number, so not so much to show. Or do you want to show the chart of the day? Or the closing price of the last 7 (or so) days?)

When you have more specific questions we are happy to help. But you have to show you already started your work.


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