New to RStudio and need some jumpstart tips!

Hey guys! So im (21M) going to start grad school for economics in the fall and I’ve always wanted to learn R, but I always thought you had to pay for it. I just learned R is free, and I really really want to get started on how to use it for economics, econometric analysis, maybe some forecasting if I start getting good at understanding the math behind it, etc. The only coding experience I have is with STATA (I’ve been using it for 3ish years now), but I wanna see what tips, tricks, or advise you all have to help get me started with using RStudio. Let me know what you all think!

Just on making the move from STATA to R, when I was in Econ grad school I found UCLA’s website comparing methods between languages quite helpful. Besides working an intro into programming with R, this is probably a good place to start.

These are my favorite books for getting anybody up and running with R (and they are free)

I also recommend this online course

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