New to R, igraph, build matrix from single column in Excel

Hi all!

I am doing a research project in school about multimorbidity and wanted to learn R during the process. So I am pretty new to R.

I want to use R to build a network graph similar to this

I have identified that I can use the R package "igraph" to accomplish this. As I understand it, igraph takes the data that is sorted in a matrix and makes a graph out of it. My problem is to sort the big amount of data that I have into a matrix.


Each row (patient) contains a different amount of 5-character code (disease) separated by a space. The data is stored in a Excel file. The total length of the column is 20 K rows. So I will have to find a way to automatize this process.

Can I do this in R? Or is there a function in Excel I can use before exporting the data to R? Is there any software that is more suitable for this task?

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