New to R coding, new to coding in general

Hello all, thank so much for your attention.

I'm very new to coding and I'm trying to learn how to do some nice plots with ggplot2.

I have this dataset, I want to represent the Employee Job Satisfaction per country. I made a bar chart as follows:

data08_n <- data08%>%mutate(like_job = ifelse(job_satisfaction=="Satisfied", 1, 0),
love_job = ifelse(job_satisfaction=="Very satisfied", 1, 0),
dislike_job = ifelse(job_satisfaction=="Not very satisfied", 1, 0),
hate_job = ifelse(job_satisfaction=="Not at all satisfied", 1, 0))

data08_n <- data08_n[complete.cases(data08_n), ]

ggplot(data08_n, aes(country, fill=job_satisfaction))+
geom_bar(position = "fill")+
labs(title="Employee satisfaction", x=element_blank(), y=element_blank(), fill="Satisfaction")+


How can I add a percentual to each color to get something like:

Sorry for the trivial question. I'm very new to all of this.
Thank you for taking some time to help a newbie.

Daniel Almeida.

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It is going to require use of geom_text(). Maybe something like:

    data = data08_n
    mapping = aes(
        x = country, 
        y = percentage # a new variable you need to calculate before calling ggplot
        fill = job_satisfaction
        position = "fill"
    position = position_fill(vjust = 0.5),
    mapping = aes(label = percent(percentage)) # not sure about this, exactly
  ) +
  scale_y_continuous(scales::labels = percent)

If you want more specific advice, then prepare a reproducible example.


Hi @Dan_Almeida , welcome.

Is better if you put a reproducible example of data, see this link for that.

You need something like that, and the data is this order for make more easy:

df <- data.frame(brands=c('Merc','Fiat','Hornet','Merc','Fiat','Hornet'),

tibble(df) %>% 
    x = brands,
    y = percentage,
    fill = type,
    label = percentage)) +
  geom_bar(stat = 'identity') +
  geom_text(position = position_stack(vjust = .5), 
    aes(x = brands,
        y = percentage,
        label = paste0(round(percentage,2),"%"))) +
  labs(title='put title',
       caption = 'caption',
       y=' ')+
  coord_flip()+ # for rotate the plot

In a before opportunity Im make the same quenstions and other user help me.
Im make better the code for you.

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