New to R and I need help please

I am asked to check the data I have to see if all categories are properly named. You might have to rename a category if you find inconsistencies.

this is the data that I have for the categorical variabel prime_genre:

[1] "Book" "Business" "Catalogs" "Education" "Entertainment" "Finance" "Food & Drink"
[8] "Games" "Health & Fitness" "Health and Fitness" "Lifestyle" "Medical" "Music" "Navigation"
[15] "News" "Photo & Video" "Productivity" "Reference" "Shopping" "Social Networking" "Sports"
[22] "Travel" "Utilities" "Weather"

I need to rename health and fitness, "health & fitness" because it appears twice.
I know that I need to use a function similar to the one below as we have learned in class (library(reshape)).
apple_store=rename(apple_store,c(Health_and_Fitness= "Health & Fitness"))
unfortunately it does not work since prime_genre is a categorical variable and a column while health an fitness is a category or level of this variable.

Look at forcats package collapse function and see if that would work for you.

Will do thank you for your suggestion!

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