New tag for Best practice?

I think there is a lot of post about best practice in doing something. And it is very usefull, because you think that you know everything, and BOOM here are new strange or unexpected solutions!


Can we at least term it "Effective practise"?

It may be a bit of a personal peeve, but "Best" implies that this is the only way to do things. I feel that this is a bit out of place in R where there are multiple effective ways to arrive at a solution.


I like the idea. One small distinction, though, is that it should be a tag, not a category. That way, #effective-practice::tag could be added to items in the #tidyverse category, the #shiny category, etc. It would be searchable, but not show up as a distinct category on the main page.


I'm totally agree. Effective practice is better.

I've change it to tag.