New page in HTML_document


Is there a way to start a new page in HTML document?

I tried already putting:
code_folding: hide
fig_caption: yes
fig_height: 10
fig_width: 10
keep_md: yes
number_sections: yes
pages.print: yes
theme: readable
toc: yes
collapsed: no
smooth_scroll: no
newpage_html_class: page-break

in the begining, I tried \newpage and \pagebreak, even

// display the pagebreak only when printing the html page
@media all {
    .page-break { display: none; }
@media print {
    .page-break { display: block; break-after: page; }

but none of them created a new page. Any idea?

Another top of the head reply:

Is there actually any HTML concept of a page?

I've admittedly been away from HTML layout for a while, but know I couldn't do it back in the pre-history of hand coding it. And the ways I notice websites generally is that "page" flips 1) go left to right, rather than up to down, and 2) take the user to a different URL rather than a different anchor tag (there I go again with out-of-date language) on the same page, while keeping only a specific portion of the markup visible.

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