New "events" category - your feedback is welcome

We are working on a new events category for

The initial post (which will recur weekly), will list all r-user and r-ladies events around the world happening in the next week, with a summary of the event and links to the meetup pages and group.
The idea of this is to give you a global view of all the IRL R events you might participate in.

Also @rachael has volunteered to help sustain this category!

We're hoping this would be a nice place to:

  • See what other groups are doing
  • Find speakers and good topics
  • Learning about the R-consortium's supports for r-user groups.
  • Otherwise get connected to the people or info you should get connected to in order to run a successful r-user group.

Curious if you have any advice? Is there any think event-related you'd like to see? Are there any volunteers to help sustain this category?


Hi! Thanks Curtis! I'd love to have the community be able to share events that they're hosting or attending as well, as I'm sure there will be many that we miss. We could also give everyone the opportunity to edit posts in case an abstract, event location, time, etc. needs to be updated. I know for the Greater Boston useR group we have a few events posted on Meetup without the event details added yet.

Looking forward to connecting with everyone and also learning from those that have hosted useR groups in the past!

I think the "events" category is a great idea!

I have a suggestion: for the weekly threads, perhaps at the top of the post you could put a quick bulleted list of all the locations represented in the list. That way, users won't have to scroll through the whole list to see if there's anything going on that's local to them.