New browser window for shell / command line git

I'm using RStudio Server with GIT for my pojects. Rather than using the GUI Tools to execute GIT Commands, I prefer using the shell interface. At the moment, the shell window within RStudio Server covers (and thus blocks) the whole RStudio interface, preventing me to simultaneously code and execute shell.

It would be great if the shell interface behaved in a similar manner as Using Source Windows does.

Keep up the good work!

I know for the IDE, they like to organize feature requests at Issues · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub

Github issues are mostly for bug reporting (hence the template you'll see when you start a new issue), but they welcome enhancement ideas like that here too,

Which version of RStudio server are you using ?

Since 1.1, there is now a terminal pane that you could use for any terminal usage, git included! It is very useful.
No more shell interface blocking the RStudio interface.

See all these links for more infos

oh ok! my bad, we're still at Version 1.0.153! I'll ask our IT guys if we can get an update :slight_smile:

I will definitely remember this in the future!