Neuralnet Error


I am trying to train a neural net with neuralnet package, and I am getting the error:

Error in if (ncol.matrix <rep) {: argument has zero length

But I already used the same script before and didn't occur this error. And now the error occurs in some trainings and I can't find the solution.

For example,
This NeuralNet does not present the error
neuralnet(f_nutr~prcp+solar_rad+lai+age+tmp_min, data = treino_norm, hidden = 5, rep = 3, linear.output = F)

But this one has, and they have just little difference.
neuralnet(f_nutr~prcp+solar_rad+lai+age+tmp_ave+lat, data = treino_norm, hidden = 5, rep = 3, linear.output = F)

Beyond these, there are other combinations of the same variables that didn't present this error.

Can someone help please?

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