Network visualization with visNetwork package

Hello. I'm trying to do a network with 1800 relations. I found the package visNetwork to improve visualization, basically because I want to zoom it and watch the relations closely. The problem is that when I ran the code, the network did not stop moving. What can I do to obtain a static network that I can zoom in?
I only use this code to create the network: visNetwork(nodes, edges, width="100%")

Look at the documentation for the visInteraction() command in the visNetwork package. It has several options that allow you to freeze the diagram.

  • dragNodes : enable or not the selection and movement of nodes (click on a node, and move your mouse)?
  • dragView : enable or not the movement of the full network (click everywhere except node, and move your mouse) ?
  • zoomView : enable or not the zoom (use mouse scroll) ?

Thanks for the idea, was very useful to understand more the visNetwork Package, I will try to use dragView option. Anyway, for me it´s ok that I can move and zoom all the network, but the problem is that the network keeps, like, trembling, it does not matter if you click on it or not. Any suggestions to solve this?

Couple of questions: you said you had 1800 relations. What is the ratio of nodes to edges?
Can you try a subset of the data, about half, and see if you get the same trembling? I wonder if the trembling is hardware related.

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