Network drives not showing up in Rstudio file selection

Hello! I have a couple of disks from an ubuntu server in my network mapped into my PC. I have a Rproj there that I would like to open directly from the mapped disk, as I can do just fine when accessing the same server remotely with Webdrive drives in my laptop. However, neither A: or S: (the 2 mapped drives) are showing up when I go to Open files, Open project, or the 'Files' tab. Both local drives (E: and F:, which are shared into the network by the way) show up just fine, just not the mapped ones.

I enabled every permission in both the server for /home and /srv which are the Samba shares, and the client PC for the appropriate drives. Also tried temporarily disabling antivirus in case it was some firewall thing, but no. It doesn't work when I open the .Rproj file directly either, it opens Rstudio but with no active project.

I find it even weirder because PC is accessing the server via LAN and not working, and my laptop accesses through Webdrive and the public IP and does work.

I'm running out of ideas, do you guys have any?

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