Network directory as working directory / Rmd and Notebook tables do not get rendered / In-Line Preview

Greetings everyone.

I currently have all .Rmd and .Rproj files within a network directory in my organization and I access those from my Windows 10 PC.

Further, I have 'R version 4.0.3 (2020-10-10)' and R-Studio 1.3.1093 -- both installed locally.

For some reason tables do not get rendered within the Rmd/Notebook file, despite the option 'Chunk Output Inline' being checked within settings -- although, these tables output fine if run in the console.

Funny is that some functions, the in-line preview gets outputted, although for others not, e.g.:

As already mentioned, they output fine in the console, e.g.:


Any insights on how to get R/R-Studio Rmd/Notebook to display these tables within the file (i.e. 'Chunk Output Inline') with my current setup?

I usually do my data discovery in the Rmd/Notebook and then move things I need into a script (off the script, everything is working fine in my current setup) -- although it is a bit annoying that the Rmd/Notebook in-line preview functionality is not working as intended.

What am I missing here?

Thanks for your help!

I also found another post with a similar problem -- but without an answer or solution ...

Thanks for the report. Could you try the last released version ?

And even the last daily version if you can ?

You can find portable version in zip file that should not replace your current installation.

From your screenshot it seems like data.frame are not correctly outputed.
Are you using rmarkdown::html_notebook or rmarkdown::html_document ?

Hello and thank you for getting back!

  1. I went ahead and downloaded both portable versions, i.e. the latest and the nightly.
  2. Put them locally and started a R-Studio-Project in a network folder, for each version.
  3. For testing reasons started a new Notebook and Rmd, i.e. 'output: html_notebook' and 'output: html_document'.
  4. Ran the following code:
info <- rstudioapi::versionInfo()

info$mode; info$version
data.frame(x = c("a", "b", "c"), y = 1:3)
tibble(x = c("a", "b", "c"), y = 1:3)

Both under RStudio '1.4.1106' or '1.4.1589', both notebook and Rmd displayed all tables/outputs correctly, i.e. 'Chunk Output Inline' worked expected.

So, I am now not sure if it is a problem with R-Studio '1.3.1093' or maybe with the installation itself, i.e. not being portable.
I think the next step would be to ask my IT-department to update my install of R-Studio to the latest version (i.e. '1.4.1106') and re-test again ...

I will be back, may take a bit -- again thank you very much for the help so far!

Thanks for the testing ! It is highly possible that this has been fixed in new RStudio 1.4 and this was a bug in RStudio 1.3.

If you can update the version, it would be great !

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